We Need To Talk About Fire

Such a privilege to be part of this project.

After the bushfires here on the east coast 2019-2020, so many artist-friends had a crisis of creative practise.The conversation went something like: ” How can I make art while everything is burning? How can we justify making pictures to sell, to hang on someone’s wall, when the house is on fire? Our big beautiful house…”

Last November Bridgit Ikin of Felix Media asked for the use of 3 of my compositions (listen below) for the online documentary series and onsite exhibition WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT FIRE” at the Bundanoon Trust.

As the project liner notes say : “Following the catastrophic climatic events of last summer Bundanon presents ‘We Need to Talk about Fire’, a series of conversations with speakers from across the community who share Indigenous knowledge systems, stories of community action, healing initiatives and creative responses to find a way forward.”

Presented by Wesley Enoch (Director of SYDFEST 2017-Present) this project is a must see. WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT FIRE” is culturally and environmentally prescient.



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