Red Thing Over Robertson ( artist’s proof)

Another smoke drawing ~ the same technique as with Angel Bomb and Tempest .

This technique really frees up my ability to make marks and enlarge them : originally expanded into big prints via an enlarger and a wet photo process , now digitally.

This all started with my desire to break down the formality of photography and paint with light.

Its all about light and at the time I wanted to remove the camera completely from the art making process and simply use light sensitive media.

Unfortunately, I had to stop all this in the late 80’s when I developed allergies to all the chemicals and had to abandon photography and this kind of work altogether.

Red Thing Over Robertson is like a premonition, or a sighting of something anomalous travelling over the landscape.

It’s certainly ominous and the green cast that runs through the background certainly adds to this.

Once again I have referenced the line work of Albrecht Durer’s Apocalypsis cum Figuris woodblock series.

Stephen Fearnley

Cloud Farm Studios

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