music for filmmakers

This music has been composed to give you images,
to trip-off sequences that you hadn’t thought of,
to put you in picture mode…
There are no fast tracks here. Respite from the world,
in tones of velvet blues .

Stephen Fearnley

Cloud Farm Studios, Robertson , NSW, Australia  

Rainmaker    (2:54)

Hill of Tara    ( 3:28)

Holster   (4:21)

Where Fish Dream   (3:52)

Boat Song   (3:14)

Water Breathing   (3:08)

Night for Night     (4:05)

Hill End  I   (4:55)

 A Piece of Spaghetti   (2:32)

Hark These Loins Beseech   (4:45)

Hill End  II    (3:00)

Raiment    (2:50)

Hill End  III    (4:47)

Picnic    (3:02)

Rockpool     (3:46)

Beneath Her Lighted Ways    (5:15)

With Wings Before    (1:07)

(all music written, performed & produced by Stephen Fearnley © Cloud Farm Studios/ registered with APRA Australia )