I adore this image.

Re-processed and collaged from old archival images this digital composite plays with notions of nostalgia.

The man in the cart is also like a harbinger of something either good or bad.

This was my first ‘winged-person picture ‘. Of course wings when sprouting from peoples’ backs translates as other-worldliness , good or badand this guy fits the bill – he is a premonition of death. The remnant rainforest trees in the background are what upsets me the most -and this guy in the cart, wearing his Sunday best, is all about the clearing of so much of our coastal ecosystems by a bygone era of hardworking farmers. The wings are actually flying ant wings. Flying ants appear when its about to rain.So the title Rainmaker is ironic because without our rainforest ecosystems the rain doesn’t come…




One thought on “Rainmaker

  1. The stormy sky, his face being hidden is the shadow of his hat, and the aura around his wings give me a sense of something momentous is about to happen. This gorgeous image gives my a shiver of anticipation every time. Should I be scared? …Should I be excited?
    Right brain … left brain…. right brain … left brain….
    Helen xx

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