Attack 1 ,2 & 3


 These old cars are copping a direct hit !

They are a segue from the drawing:  Attack ( Sumi-e) 

These images are of cars from another time 

They are also indicative of a dying Australian industry.

When I paint these pictures I am truly engaging in a ritual. I am intentionally focusing my mind , using my intention with paint and turps and brushes , to render a sigil that cancels the spell of the oil economy – using oil to fight oil …Silly ? Ironic ? A little ambitious ?

All the same , its my way of dealing with the disgust I feel every time I fill up my car with shitty, low tech, petrol.

I am hostile to advertising that keeps repackaging the combustion engine

 as if its awesome, new and relevant, clean and conscious, when in fact 

its just a very old turd rolled in glitter.

( Automotive advertising worldwide 2012 came in 2nd to ALL retail at $14,840,000,000 … Thats a lot of glitter ! )

I love old cars, have travelled across Australia in them,

but the perpetuation of this old technology over the new is loathsome and offensive.

These paintings are at best a very small protest.

Attack 2
Attack #2, Stephen Fearnley , oil on canvas, 2014.


Attack#3 , Oil on canvas , Stephen Fearnley, 2014
Attack#3 , Oil on canvas , Stephen Fearnley, 2014


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