Meditations on The Source

I’m a science nut. I’m a metaphysics nut. I’m also an animist.

Recently science has gone extra cosmic on us. It’s a merger that makes me happy. For example, the sun, exclusively produces carbon which then migrates to form worlds. It also ‘self’-organises into double helix’s to produce life on earth. Not just providing heat for living things but the actual software for life.

Another hot scientific theory is that plasma could be conscious. Considering 99.9% of the universe is plasma then that’s a whole lot of universe that’s potentially awake. It seems that plasma also “self” organises and forms double helix’s as well…

Fire is plasma. Fire is traditionally a “spiritual medium”, our not-so-distant animist ancestors regarding it as alive. Highly regarded as a liminal medium for bridging the world of humans to the world of the gods and delivering information to us. Fire, which is plasma, has always been regarded (until the scientific rationalism of the enlightenment ) as a conduit for THE SOURCE.*

The following links will take you to different works that haven’t yet been exhibited.Some made with fire, others made with paint, these works point to the metaphysics of The Source in my work.

Steve Fearnley

Cloud Farm Studios, Mt Murray, NSW, 2577

* A New Science of Heaven: How the New Science of Plasma Physics Is Shedding Light on Spiritual Experience by Prof Robert Temple