Lately there’s been a wing thing happening…

Blue Fairy #1 / watercolour/ stephen fearnley

Blue Fairy #1 

In keeping with my love of lighter-than-airness , suspension is a theme which you will also find in my music.

Lately there’s been a wing thing happening in some of my work.

Ive always had flying dreams. Some people need to flap their arms in their dreams to get airlift .

Once I had a dream that the Dalai Lama was piloting a supersonic jet and I was in the back seat. He was wearing very cool yellow goggle wrap-a-rounds and we were hurtling so fast above the landscape that space/time was stretching.

Astonished, I said to him  ” I didn’t know you could fly a jet ! “

Laughing, he turned his head and said ” What jet ? “

The track Where Fish Dream comes to mind :

Where Fish Dream

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