Escape From Zeehan

“This time no one is off the hook”

Pursued by monsters, a car hurtles precariously down a steep pass escaping the devastation of Zeehan.

Escape From Zeehan, 2m x 60 cm, Ink on Fabriano 300 GSM , 2023

In keeping with the Japanese monster genre Kaiju, where Godzilla tears Tokyo to shreds “ Escape From Zeehan” explores what happens when the immune system of our world is seriously compromised.

These “sky-worms of climate change”, monsters of our own collective actions, are crossing the threshold and starting their invasion from Zeehan, Tasmania.  

So why Zeehan?

In 1642, Able Tasman with the Heemskerck and the Zeehaen, ‘discovered ’ Tasmania (the Palawa had already arrived 40,000 years before). Historically this is where the European and First Nations timeline intersects: a not-so proud convergence point, looking more like a deadly portent of the catastrophic invasions yet to come.

We are back there again. The same mindset that gave us colonialism has also created an industrial world that is biting us back with climate monsters of our own making. This time no one is off the hook.

“Escape From Zeehan” points to a next-level invasion scenario impacting us all. The monsters that we have made are coming, not only just to Zeehan but to an Australian town near you…

Escape from Zeehan? We really, really have to.

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