RAINMAKER : Music for Filmmakers



some music for filmmakers

This music has been made to give you images,

to trip-off sequences that you hadn’t thought of,

to put you in picture mode… 

There are no fast tracks here. Respite from the world. 

Below you will find vignettes in blue and velvet tones …

Stephen Fearnley

Cloud Farm Studios, Robertson , NSW, Australia  

(right click on links to download or simply play )

Rainmaker    (2:54)

Hill of Tara    ( 3:28)

Holster   (4:21)

Where Fish Dream   (3:52)

Boat Song   (3:14)

Water Breathing   (3:08)

Night for Night     (4:05)

Hill End  I   (4:55)

 A Piece of Spaghetti   (2:32)

Hark These Loins Beseech   (4:45)

Hill End  II    (3:00)

Raiment    (2:50)

Hill End  III    (4:47)

Picnic    (3:02)

Rockpool     (3:46)

Beneath Her Lighted Ways    (5:15)

With Wings Before    (1:07)

(all music written, performed & produced by Stephen Fearnley © Cloud Farm Studios, 2012 / registered with APRA Australia )

4 thoughts on “RAINMAKER : Music for Filmmakers

  1. I am listening wanting and will have to have this by stephen Fearnley, I used to listen to ambience on tripple J when I was 17 i am grateful that such beautiful music like this is available,
    thank Stephen for his gift to us all.

  2. Thank you Stephen for the beautiful music you compose.. Tis’ truly ‘music to my ears’! I am utilizing ‘Hill of Tara’ for the radio broadcast for your Teal class..

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